Riot Points Generator for League of Legends

With the latest change to Riot Points generator module for version 3.7 of league of legends hacks engine we decided to make a new post to explain how to get free rp with it. As many of you, LoL players know , there are two main currencies that you can buy your champions, runes and skins with, Riot points and Influence points. RP is more popular due to fact that you can buy it online with real life money , or you can redeem gift codes, and you can only get IP when playing.

Previously, many lol hacks were just used to inject and change the values of these points. Now you can actually use the generator to get free RP codes instead of changing the values. This update also provided a huge security boost , making all accounts perfectly safe. It also makes it great for anyone who wants to use these codes later or send it to someone as a gift. More about how it works below, but for now here is how it looks and where to download.

Riot Points Generator

Main window of the tool , where you can choose League of Legends RP generator or Influence points hack

Download League of Legends Riot Points Generator

How to get free RP codes using this generator

  1. Download the LoL cheat engine tool above (like or tweet to get the latest version) or click here

  2. Run it , let it check for updates and update if necessary

  3. Use the trial licence key – HTG244824A (or get your own for free from within the tool)

  4. Choose RP generator module and generate your encrypted code

  5. Paste it inside the field and click decrypt

  6. Redeem your code at official website and Enjoy!

Of course you can read more about League of Legends hacks and other features.

how to get free rp

More about Riot Points generator and how it works:

RP hacks and generators were always favorite hacks for league of legends.Since early days when Riot Games introduced these currencies players sought a way to get them for free. At first it was easy, since all hacks relied on changing values by injecting and it worked good for a while. Then developers of League of legends made series of updates and security patches that made it very tough to get points this way. Alternative , and better way is with RP codes , since generating these proved to be much easier. In early beta versions , it took almost 20 hours to decrypt a code and that was with decent PC. With version 3.7 , new faster servers were introduced and allow users to generate the codes within minutes. This is why this new version requires a licence key , to be able to use decryption servers. Good thing is its free and only takes few minutes to get your key. You can always use trial key but you will be limited to 3 riot points codes per day.

Video Tutorial:

One of the users did a great job making a guide on how to get free RP using this generator.You can watch the whole video on youtube , it explains in detail how to run it and you can even get some codes in comment section.

Similar projects:

There are few other projects that are working in similar way as Riot points generator that we talked about here. Same decryption servers are used in Steam wallet hack and you can read about it in this post .

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League of Legends Hack

As you all know , LoL is one of the best and most popular MMO strategy games at the moment and close to being as popular as DotA 2. Riot games is working hard to bring us new content and keep the game fresh and interesting for players. With every patch , League of legends hack needs to be updated and we are now proud to present to you the latest version of the tool. There are many new features in 3.7 version and above and we will try to explain to you how each module of LoL hack works and a detailed instructions for new users.

Basics of League of Legends Hacks 3.7

There are several modules that the developer team made and so far we can use league of legends rp hack and ip hack. There was a plan to use map hack but at the end it seemed like too much work to maintain and only few people used it. That is why most focus was made on Riot Points and Influence points. This is a VIP tool and only few people are using it at the moment, since it was released quite recently and only handful of users had access.We got permission to launch it on our blog readers. We will cover features in full later in this post. This is how it looks like.

League of Legends Hack

This is the latest UI change for v3.7

Download League of Legends Hack – Cheat Engine v3.7

Step by step instructions

  1. Download the lol hack tool above (like, tweet or +1 to unlock download button) or click Here

  2. Get the licence key from (mirror 1,2 or 3 buttons)

  3. Paste the key and verify it (this the code to access decryption servers, its not actual key for the tool, so its mandatory)

  4. Choose league of legends RP or IP hack

  • For Riot points , you will generate the encrypted code and have it decrypted after that (check the video at the end), which then gives you a working RP code just like when you buy it online

  • For Influence points , you should just choose amount and enter the summoner ID , and hit the hack button , changes should be made really quickly

 New features for version 3.7

league of legends hacks

The loader app for league of legends hacks modules. It checks the current detection and update status

It does not look like much , but the loader app is one of the several new things that was introduced in version 3 of the cheat engine and allowed the users to check for updates and patch detection status on League of Legends servers. Map hack was removed because it was not as popular and developers decided to focus on RP and IP more as two main modules. Here are few of these changes

  • RP generator now generates prepaid codes instead of injecting in client. This makes it much safer for use and Riot points added this way are never removed

  • You can now choose 10$/20$ codes which gives you 1380/3500 points

  • More codes per day due to fast decryption servers

  • Influence points hack gets a new security feature that checks for detection before connecting

What is Licence key ?

We mentioned the fast decryption servers right ? Well , in order to access them we need a key that will be given to each user and you can use the same key unlimited number of times and with all future updates.You can get your key very fast from the hack itself. It is similar to the one used on Clash of clans hack 2013 and later it was added to Habbo hack.

The hack is still being worked on and updated , and it will be updated for each LoL patch and we will post new updates here. As we promised earlier , here is the video guide.

League of Legends Hack – Guide for IP & Riot Points Hacks [Lucian Patch] from Johny on Vimeo.


You can check out the official website for more information and support. Here it is at Cheat Spot

Habbo Cheats, Hack and Coin Generator 2013

When players think of  Habbo Cheats they usually think of something like in game cheats , but we are going to show you guys something different. Habbo hack 2013 has something that many people are searching for and that is free habbo credits. These coins are the main currency in this game and you can buy everything including furni and membership for Habbo club. They can be bought with credit card , phone and sms. But, we are here to see how you can get these credits for free using Habbo Coin generator.

Habbo Credits

This was the old purse with coins that was removed around 2008.

What are Habbo Cheats ?

There are no traditional cheats in this game , but you can definitely use habbo hack to get free credits and then use them to buy furni or everything else you want. This is not an ordinary generator as it allows you to get prepaid vouchers that you can redeem manually or add them directly using the tool. As you can see in the screenshot below the main window of the hack. We will explain in detail what each of these fields are and how to use Habbo Cheats and spend more time enjoying your game.

Habbo Cheats

This is the main generator window where you can choose coin amount

Download Habbo Hack – Habbo Coin Generator 2013 [Build 2.6 - July 2013]


Updated: July 2013

Habbo Hack

Here you can see 15125 credits that are added using vouchers from habbo coin generator

Steb by step guide for using Habbo Hack

  • Download it (in the middle click like , tweet or google + to unlock the download button)

  • Paste your access key (you can get it from the tool)

  • Choose your voucher amount (50, 125 or 300 credits)

  • Click generate and get the encrypted code , paste it inside the field and click decrypt

  • Add your credits directly using Habbo ID or download the code and use it later

Detailed Instructions about Habbo Cheats Engine:

When you download the latest version of this tool and when you run it you will see that it runs automatic updates. This is great because you do not have to go to the website and download it every few days or weeks when new version is available. Wait until its over and you can then see the main window. In the bottom right corner of the new habbo cheats tool you can see the current detection status and its safe to use when it says undetected. This means you are safe to download and redeem voucher codes. At the left side you can see access key , and this is the important part because it allows habbo hack to access secure servers where the code can be uploaded. You can get this key via Main or Alternative server, whichever suits better for you.

Habbo Coin Generator

Habbo Coin Generator automatic update feature.

At the left site you can see the instructions for using the tool and steps go green once you finish them. At the center of the hack you can see 3 images where you can select 50, 125 and 300 credits vouchers that will be generated once you push generate button. After that you can download the encrypted code and paste it in the field. After that you will get the option to add voucher directly to your habbo ID or download the code that can be redeemed just like when you buy the code online or at retail store.

If you are wondering why only coins as part of the Habbo Cheats , this is because even though there are few other cheats its the most popular without doubt. If you are a fan of online games , you should check out the post about club penguin free membership and play this game that is similar to Habbo. We also released a new clash of clans hack if you have iOS device to play it on.

This article and guide for Habbo cheats has been posted on Cheat Spot and you can read more about it on their blog post

Clash Of Clans Hack and Cheats 2013

Since Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games for iOS we got many requests to find the best Clash of Clans Hack. We actually went one step further and had one of the older tools redesigned and updated so it works with latest version of the game. Also in this new version you can find all cheats merged into one tool so you will be able to get gems, elixir and gold with just one run. The best thing is that this hack does not require jailbreak of your iOS device. So, lets see what it is and how to use each of the modules.

How to Hack Clash of Clans without jailbreak ?

Only early versions of clash of clans cheats required the jailbreak of iOS device but new ones do not. There were few ones that worked back in the 2012 but this new version is the only working hack after the updates of game earlier this year. Good thing about the fact that you do not need to jailbreak is that you are safe from ban on game servers since everything is done via secured servers inside the hack tool itself. In the photo below you can see that there is status of the detection and as long as its green you are safe to use all cheats. Here, this is how the main window looks like:

Clash Of Clans Hack
Main Window of the hack

Download Hack For Clash Of Clans [June 2013]



  • Like , Tweet or Google + (This will grant you access latest versions and releases)

  • Download the tool and run it on your PC

  • Use your Access key and Validate it

  • Type in your User ID

  • Select Amount of gems, gold and elixir

  • Click Hack and wait until it finishes

  • Enjoy
You might be wondering what access key is. Well in short , it allows the hack to connect via secured server making it safe for your account. The tool is updated frequently and if you Like our blog post you can get access to beta versions and new releases.

More about Clash of Clans Cheats Modules and features

hack updater

When you first start the tool you will notice this window. This is the automatic updater and before you run the program it will check for updates. It is best to use the latest version since it contains needed changes to remain undetected and its usually much faster and with better success rate with every update. Clash of clans gems hack is usually the most popular module and after that members usually add gold and elixir. These 3 resources are updated only after few seconds when the hack is complete. This picture shows how it looks in game:

Clash of Clans CheatsThere are 2 more optional features, its experience boost which increases your total XP and instant build that will finish any started build queue. These two are not as popular as gems but its nice feature to have. The detection feature was added in version 2.0 and it was made in similar manner as with free steam codes hack but its much more precise since Steam servers are different.

If you like online and browser games we recommend that you check out Club Penguin , its very popular and you can even use club penguin membership generator to gain premium membership.

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Club Penguin Membership Generator

Many of you that love to play online and MMO games may have already heard about Club Penguin , but if you did not , its one of the most popular online games. Even though this game is free ,Club Penguin Membership generator was made for those who already played free version and want to unlock many extra features. With membership you can dress up penguins with more options, change the look of your igloo , participate in parties and adopt more puffles. Like many similar games you can buy these features with credit card or you can try to get club penguin free membership codes using the hack tool.

What is Club Penguin Membership Hack ?

Along with many other tools we came across these days this is certainly one of the more advanced hack. It looks like it was present for quite some time but older versions added some minor stuff like coins. Version 2.2 has many new features such as secured servers where the cp membership codes are stored when they are generated. Each type of code is stored on separate server and it allows you to get separate 1 , 6 and 12 months codes. This option became quite popular since you can get all 3 codes in same day. This is how it looks like:

Club Penguin Membership Generator

Download Club Penguin Membership Generator 2.2


Status: Working / Updated : June 2013

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Download and Run the generator

  2. Choose your Club Penguin membership codes (You can choose 1, 6 and 12 months)

  3. Click Generate and wait for it to finish

  4. Download the updated database of codes

  5. Run the database to get your code and it will automatically activate it

  6. Redeem and Enjoy !

You can choose alternative server if you have problems downloading from main server.

More Info about the club penguin hack and new version

Club Penguin Membership Hack

Automatic Update Feature

When developing cheats and hacks for games its not always easy to make them from scratch. But when there are some similar tools already made its much easier to adapt these tools. This is the case with membership generator for club penguin. Original developers allowed us to change the skin and change some core functions to allow more codes to be generated. It resulted in much better tool and original authors are now using this version as well. Algorithm that searches for the codes is updated and now provides more 6 and 12 months codes. Secured servers where the club penguin codes are uploaded is 256 bit encrypted. That means that each code is safe and can be used on your main account.

Club Penguin Free Membership Codes

Update 2.0 brought many changes to activation success of codes that are generated and it is at the moment over 92%. To clarify , club penguin free membership codes that you get are inactive and need to be activated. This is why you will get a small activator tool along with club penguin membership hack database. This process can take up to 24h but you can submit more then one code if you Like or share our page , which unlocks dedicated servers. These servers contain much more codes and are updated more frequently. Until we added separate servers to cp memebership generator you could only get one code per day , but now you can actually get all three.

Here is a video tutorial:

Club Penguin Free Membership Generator & Hack -Tutorial for 2013 from Oliver on Vimeo.

Feel free to check our latest Steam wallet hack post if you like Steam games. In that post you can learn how to get steam codes with similar tool like this one. If you also own iOS device and you play Clash of Clans you can enjoy some awesome Clash of Clans Cheats to defeat your opponents.

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Steam Wallet Hack - Free Steam Wallet Codes

Since Steam is one of the most popular platforms where you can buy games and other gaming items, and many members suggesting to write a guide for steam wallet hack we decided to make this post. This is quite new tool and it was not introduced before as it was available for only few people. Here you will find out how to get free steam wallet codes using this hack with step by step instructions. But before that , lets talk more about what exactly this tool does.

What is Steam Hack and its features ?

Before, when couple of similar programs were made, usually they were based on changing the Steam wallet balance by injecting. This was not a good way to be honest because often the balance was removed and all the games that were bought are deleted as well. The best way is to try to get steam codes free ,that you can redeem just like when you buy these codes online. This way all credits that you get will stay forever and you do not have to worry about it being removed. Lets see where you can download it and you can read more about it later in the post.

Steam Wallet Hack

Main window

Here you can see the main window of the tool with step by step instructions. It makes using it really easy

Steam Wallet Hack 2013 Download


Updated : June 2013

Instructions for running the hack and getting Free Steam Codes

  1. Download Steam wallet code generator from download button above

  2. Run it and connect via Main or Alternative server

  3. You can then get your access key – Its needed for fast decryption servers

  4. Paste and and Validate

  5. Generate your codes – Choose between 10, 30 and 50$ codes

  6. Paste the code into last field and you will get the code that is ready to be redeemed

  7. Redeem and Enjoy!

Note that as you are doing steps they are turning green , telling you that you finished that step.

More information about Steam wallet and the hack tool

Steam Wallet Code Generator

Automatic Update Feature for Steam wallet code generator

One of the best features that were added in version 3 is the automatic updates. This means that free steam codes are updated automatically and whenever you run the program. As these codes are dynamically being added and decrypted , that means that you can get one code and when you restart the program after few minutes the databases should refresh with new codes. This is great because before version 3.0 users had to download new version of the hack every day which contained new codes.

Free Steam Codes

When you generate the code it is still encrypted and it needs to run on new decrypting servers. New , faster servers are added in new version which much faster , and you can basically get you code within minutes. And that is why you need access key if you were wondering. In previous versions you had to wait for slower servers , which took a day or two.

How to Redeem the code ?

Redeeming the free Steam wallet codes that you get is rather easy. You can go to official Steam website and type the code just like when you buy it on official website or one of the stores. Its best not to go with more then 100$-150$ per day , as this is looking natural. Steam wallet hack now has detection status , and if it says undetected you are safe to use every code that you get with it. This means that the codes are safe and not blacklisted. If for some reason it turns red , you should wait for new version.

Here is a video guide from one of the members

Steam Wallet Hack – Free Steam Wallet Codes -Guide 2013 from Dominik on Vimeo.

If you like playing iOS games , check out Clash of Clans hack and enjoy free gems and gold for your game, it uses the same type of security features.

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